Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Wolfpack, The Revengers, The Filthy Hacks at Musicman Megastore Bendigo Friday October 9 2015

Bendigo is a strange ol` town when it comes to supporting musical acts original in creation or nonconformist by nature. The familiar and the polite is king in this historical gold field city.
So many superbly inventive bands hit the state centre, yet lose out badly to cover bands, tribute shows and to the more polite spectrum of the musical realm.

We have some fantastic venues in this city, run by good passionate folk who really do work hard in an attempt to feed something positive into a scene that is not in a good way when it comes to acts playing…A: Anything they wrote themselves  B: Any post 1995 cover. C: Impolite music of volume and joyous effrontery. Its an uphill battle waged against a rather conservative mindest. One that cocoons itself in that which is reassuringly familiar.

Five bands performed on this night (Friday October 9) at Bendigo`s Musicman Megastore which was also the eve of a neo Nazi invasion. Thanks United Patriots Front…I detest your hateful work.

I`m going to start off on this recount by talking about the Punk acts on the bill… I am a Rock guy! Punk, Hard Rock, Garage, Psyche, Power Pop, Grunge I love it all!…That`s the shit that gets the good juice pumpin` in my veins. 

The Filthy Hacks are Bendigo`s very own. They are a good time lot that don`t seem shy of a drink and who I`ve seen play live many times now.

Indeed the first time I saw Filthy Hacks play live a year or so ago an excited venue owner, on asking my opinion of the performance, pre-empted my evaluation by saying ``Great aren`t they? They just have fun and don`t give a fuck!`` …That indeed was a most splendid account of a raw and splendidly exciting introduction to a band whose don`t give a fuck attitude makes for a bloody good fun show.
The Filthy Hacks don`t take themselves seriously at all. They rip through short sharp songs with manic intensity and a fair degree of delightful piss take…I was most pleased indeed by a song that lasted mere seconds that decried the United Patriots Front as being a pack of cunts…which of course they are.

The Revengers, also locals to Bendigo have just released one of my fave albums of the year so far, by way of their most frenziedly splendid debut ``Bad Seed``.
Always a great live act, the Revengers buzz sawed their way through a strikingly vigorous set that comprised the very breed of the most outrageously catchy, high velocity Punk Rock, the kind that never fails to make an old Rock nerd (me that is) feel oh so happy. It is indeed a wondrous feeling seeing such music still being embraced, celebrated and smashed home with wildly black humoured enthusiasm.

Gotta say too, that it was such a great sight to see members from both local bands still at the venue at nights end, supporting the venue and supporting the other acts that played throughout the evening. That doesn`t happen a lot in this town. I`m getting so used to bands that turn up, play their set then bugger off with their mates in tow soon after their half hour on stage has transpired…Bendigo! The city of the every revolving audience…a new crowd for every local act and visiting acts often play to just a smattering of diehard appreciators.

Wolfpack is a band I caught live for the first time a couple of months ago at the Brunswick Hotel. I was really struck with the bands unhinged energy, lyricism that rallies against the more abhorrent aspects of a society that is going through most challenging times and their strong sense of positivity, a positivity that radiates above all.
It was damned good to have Wolfpack hit up ol` Bendigo town.
Being the last band to hit the Musicman stage for the night I wasn`t sure whether anyone would stick around for Wolfpack`s set. But, it was a fairly healthy crowd that enjoyed a mighty lashing of the pure stuff…this was a frantic energised release and exorcism proliferating throughout a marvellously ramshackle delivery that was wrought with conscience and positivity. Raw power indeed!

I don`t do bad reviews. Yeah! I`ve been accused of being sycophantic by some, and of being disingenuous or blowing smoke up peoples asses by others. I think such criticisms are redolent of a cynical society that embraces the negative and in fact expects and grapples towards it. I`d always rather consider what excites me and hopefully convey that excitement in some manner. If I don`t like something I`m happy to leave it aside rather than savage it.

So, on that front, we had two metal bands on the bill, Behold the Defiant and Weight of Silence…Not my cup of tea I`m afraid.

Both metal acts went down well with the audience, obviously are good at what they do; but, I`m a Rock/Punk/Garage guy…that’s the music that has always spoken to me. In fact I found myself growing bored and restless while the metal guys did their thing. I don`t mean that to be a criticism. It’s just not a scene or a music that moves me in anyway…so therefore I`m ill equipped to offer a fair opinion.
So therefore this account is now concluded.

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