Sunday, 6 September 2015

Turbulent Hearts - Panic / The Rage E.P Reviews

Being a fan of the band Civet, this here Rock & Roll tragic couldn`t help but be excited on learning that Suzi Moon (Homewrecker) had gathered herself a brand new L.A based Rock & Roll posse, going by the moniker of Turbulent Hearts.

The two EPS were released so close together (Panic –June 2015, The Rage – August 2015) that I decided to review both in one hit. I also have to admit that it was the 2nd release ` The Rage` that was my first true introduction to this mighty fine band.

What we have spread across both releases is ten tracks of resplendently riotous Rock & Roll at its finest.

It is indeed a modern day malaise that there is an implicit need to genre specify music…So for that purpose let`s call Turbulent Hearts a Punk band. But, they are so much more than just that.  Both releases are blessed with such a wondrous diversity that can often touch on the polar extremes of say Power-Pop and Blues to give but one example… I just call it Rock & Roll!

Some personal favourites of mine are the swaggering semi balladry of ``Never Getting over You`` and the raw calamitously energetic discharge that is ``Panic``. ``The Rage`` is a stunningly lo fi acoustic lament, while tracks such as `On My Own` and `Hanging Around` are outstanding examples of infectiously catchy Rock & Roll that one would imagine going over a perfect storm with audiences played live.  Another big favourite is the bluesy strut ``Redwood Nights`.

Every track standing of its own accord across the both E.P`s is instilled with its own distinct personality.

Suzi Moon evokes vivid imagery through exceptional lyricism and vocals that portray many distinct characters and emotions all the way through, be that a plaintive wail, a full blooded roar or imbuing the material with an almost playful essence.

If you love your Rock & Roll pure at heart then Turbulent Hearts is a band for you. To quote the band themselves ``Damn that shit feels nice``.

Head over here to check out Turbulent Hearts:

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