Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Revengers - Bad Seed

It is indeed a most glorious occurrence when a great live band succeeds in capturing their manic live energy when it comes to laying it down in the studio. Bendigo based punks The Revengers have done just that by recording one of the finest albums by a Regional Victorian band I have heard in many a year.

The Revengers debut album `Bad Seed` is an out-and-out blast of buzz-saw guitar and choke hold catchiness set to a bleak tale of one bad seeds life of ruin and ruination.

Being a bit slow on the uptake I wasn`t aware that `Bad Seed` is something of a punk concept album until I had it spelled out to me by singer/guitarist Matty Worthington following an interview that we did recently for local community radio.

Opening with the title track the album then weaves through tales of sordid perversity ``Snowdropper/Teen Stalker``, addiction ``Rehab/Withdrawals``, dysfunctional relations ``Crackhead/Misfit Love`` before the conclusion that is ``Numb/Torture Chamber/Its Hell``. 

While the subject matter may be bleak, this is in no way a bleak listen. Musically it bristles with a delirious vigour and I can`t help imagine that the band has had a hell of a lot of fun delving into the psyche of the albums central character.

In true punk fashion the songs are short, sharp, to the point. The 14 tracks that comprise this release roar by with an astonishing velocity that see`s you wanting for more.
Head over to to have a listen and purchase The Revengers ``Bad Seed``.

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