Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Beautiful Monument - The Lost

``I might be old…but I got to see all the cool bands`` - So goes that annoyingly condescending meme that rears its boring ugly head on social media with monotonous regularity.

Well here`s one for you. I`m really fucking old and I`m seeing all the cool bands right at this very moment in time! One case in point is the magnificent young Melbourne based band the Beautiful Monument who have just dropped their debut EP ``The Lost``.

The Beautiful Monument first came to my attention at an all day/night band event in Bendigo approximately 18 months ago. They were an unqualified stand out possessing as they do such genuinely memorable songs, a confident entertaining stage presence, and a gloriously unbridled youthful energy.

Since that gig there have been line-up changes and I`m sure no end of frustrations confronted by the band; their perseverance however has paid off in spades by way of a stunningly feisty debut recording.

If you had to impose a musical label upon the Beautiful Monument then Pop/Punk would be the most obvious to apply, although there are many more elements at play. It does no justice placing a simple branding upon a band that boasts so many heavier influences and a maturity that belies their youth.

Singer Lizi Blanco is a dynamo who is pure conviction throughout all five tracks. This is a singer who commands a defiant authority, as is most evident on ``You’re the Reason I Purr`` with its gloriously middle finger flagging ``FUCK YOU!`` intro and lyrics that are spat out in a gleeful exorcism.

Production wise ``The Lost`` sounds absolutely huge! This is commercial music in the sense that it strikes immediately with clever song-writing imbued with a soaring quality that marks every track instantly stamped on your memory, all the while characterised with a triumphantly malevolent quality that marks the material with an unpretentious sincerity.

It is such a wonderfully creative time in music right here, right now. So many great bands recording and performing on a world class level…The Beautiful Monument is one such act. I am most looking forward to seeing where their next musical strides take them.

Check out the Beautiful Monuments ``The Lost`` at:

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