Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mama`s New Bag - Save Yourself/Broken Man Blues Single Reviews

I was first introduced to the music of Mama`s New Bag through an interview I recorded with one the bands founders, that being long serving Rose Tattoo bassist Geordie Leach a couple of years ago. Along with vocal dynamo Andrea Szabo and a cast of some mightily experienced and respected musicians they form the basis of Gold Coast based Blues act Mama`s New Bag.

The bands self-titled debut album was released in 2013. That release contained a wealth and diversity of classic Blues tunes from the likes of Elmore James, T-Bone Walker, Patty Griffin, Lieber and Stoller, all delivered respectfully and enhanced with the bands own unique feel, experience and personality.

2015 has been a good one for Mama`s New Bag, with two crackin` new singles released and hopefully a brand new album sometime soon.

`Save Yourself` was released in July and it is this track the marks the band’s debut video.

Beginning as slow mournful wail `Save Yourself` soon sets itself into a boisterous slide guitar driven, knee slappin`  rollick, with an extraordinary range being exhibited of Andrea Szabo who through the course of this track runs the gamut of low guttural moans to long, high pitched exaltation’s. I love this track! It`s got a gloriously unwashed characteristic to it, of which the accompanying video sums up most magnificently…This is the sound of great muso`s having fun, and it shows.

``Broken Man Blues``  the second Mama`s New Bag single for 2015 opens with an outstanding six string flurry courtesy of Australia`s premier guitar hero Kevin Borich who`s inimitable scorching style is etched throughout a smouldering Blues workout. Again this is a superb vocal showcase that imbues the track with gloriously smoky, late night appeal. Pure class!

As much as I enjoyed Mama`s New Bag`s debut album, I`m getting the sense that this is a band that is really finding their own distinct groove and personality with the release of these two singles. If you’re a fan of great Australian Blues and have an appreciation for genuine musicianship then you`re gonna love Mamas New Bag…Now bring on the album!

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  1. Awesome...talented...takes the mickey... aussie...catchy...addictive...surely a big hit!... absolutely love it!...
    Hope you get the picture...what more can I say!