Sunday, 6 September 2015

Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene - Facing the Ruin

Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene are one of the few heavy acts out of Melbourne that I haven`t had the chance to see live as yet. I guess that comes with the territory of living in a conservative rural Victorian city, which increasingly necessitates travel on my part to get my live fix of pure Rock & Roll.

On the strength of this most magnificent release Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene are a band I`m champin` wildly to see in a live setting.

If you’re a fan of greasy stoneresque Rock & Roll saturated in sledgehammer riffs aplenty then you`re seriously going to lose your shit (in a good way of course) delving into `Facing the Ruin`.

Musically I`m hearing a lot of diverse influences throughout the seven tracks that comprise this release; having cut my teeth on the classic 70`s Hard Rock of Sabbath, Leaf Hound, Purple, Atomic Rooster, Zeppelin etc. I do detect a somewhat spaced-out retro vibe in places with many of the tracks surging maniacally between extremes of heavy as fuck Sabbath like grooves that frequently ignite into euphoric bursts of frantic whiplash intensity.

There is so much to recommend here with some of my fave tracks ranging from the furious riffage of `White Crystal Lady`, the epic title track (and at 9:41, I do mean epic)`Facing the Ruin and the sonically atmospheric post coital come down that is album closer `Leaving`

The CD version of this album is pure class by way of striking cover photography that perfectly sums up the contents within. Production wise this is a huge sounding album boasting some truly magnificent playing, of particular note being some astonishing guitar throughout.

Head over to to have listen to samples of Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene`s `Facing the Ruin…Then buy it!