Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dear Stalker - Since When Were We Enemies?

Melbourne`s Dear Stalker are a band I have been a big fan of for a couple of years now. They are an incredibly exciting live band who have to date released just two exceptional EP`s.

It has been too long between releases with Dear Stalkers last release being over two years old now. The wait however is nearly over with the impending (October 2015) release of `Since When Were We Enemies`.

`Since When Were We Enemies` comes in the wake of a period wrought with frustration for Dear Stalker that resulted in the aborted recording of what the band had hoped would be their debut full length album release.

 Many of the six tracks on this new release delve into themes of frustration. It appears, to me at least, that there is a venting at play which marks this E.P with an intense and undeniable energy.

`Suffocating/overthinking/fucking with my head` – seethes the title track. Thematically tracks such as `A Minute` and `Little People` mine similar lyrical themes, rocking ferociously throughout. While there is plenty of angst, this is a release that  boasts a marvellous versatility throughout

The exquisite `End of the Earth` is a track that singer/guitarist Lisa Murphwell describes as the closest the band has ever come to writing a love song. `Wearing White` atmospherically sweeps from a gentle acoustic intro to a full blooded sonic soar, and there is `Turning Blue` a truly epic track that lyrically and musically weaves dramatically within the frame of an hypnotic pulse.

`Since When Were We Enemies` is in summation a simply stunning release from an outstanding band. Intelligent, passionate and  bristling with a fervent  indomitable power thoughout.

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